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Motorcycle trackdays at Calabogie

Date Formation 2017

SATURDAY - 2017-may-20

SUNDAY - 2017-may-21


For more information on Riding school :


LEVEL 1 : 399 $

LEVEL 2 : 399 $

LEVEL 3 : 499 $


LEVEL 1 (MAY-20) & LEVEL 2 (MAY-21): 749 $

LEVEL 2 (MAY-20) & LEVEL 3 (MAY-21): 849 $

Taxes not included


Trackdays registration

Please contact


How to get to Calabogie Motorsports park:

Sleep there ?

You can sleep in the paddock, in an RV, Trailer, Camper, tent. There is no sewer system for RVs. If you want to have electricity, you must have a generator. The curfew for generators is 23:00

The Paddock access gate opens at 7:00 am and closes at 23:00

There are showers available on site. There is a Gas Service on site but we advise you to bring enough fuel for your personal consumption because the service is not always open


Possibility to rent rooms directly on the site

Please book in advance!

Here are the infos :


For those participants looking to stay at the track, the Calabogie Motorsports Club House offers 6 luxurious Executive Suites with full kitchens that will ensure a good night’s rest before hitting the track the next morning.

Deluxe room with track view and balcony

$250/night (Sun – Thurs)

$325/night (Fri – Sat)

Deluxe room:

$200/night (Sun -Thurs)

$275/night (Fri – Sat)

For booking details, please contact us today!

462 Wilson Farm Road, Calabogie, ON K0J 1H0 (Canada)



Located in the Solar Building, Calabogie is offering 2 bunk house suites which are the perfect shared accommodations for small groups of 4.  Each suite is equipped with 2 bunk beds, washroom/shower facilities and a common kitchenette/lounge area shared by the two bunk house suites.

$175/night (Sun – Thurs)

$250/night (Fri – Sat)

For booking details, please contact us today!

462 Wilson Farm Road, Calabogie, ON K0J 1H0 (Canada)


For more information, see on Calabogie Website







You must present yourself at a specific location in the main paddock in the morning to perform this stationary sound test. The place is indicated "Sound check" on the Map. You will need to have completed before the drivers meeting that starts at 8:30 am (Location indicated "Riders meeting" on the Map)

Once you have passed this sound check, the technician will affix a sticker on the windshield, you must have it is mandatatory to be go on the track.

This sticker is good for the rest of the year thereafter and is not necessary to repeat this sound test at all the days you will come to ride at Calabogie. You must keep this sticker carefully.

MAX : 94 Db at about 20 feet


A few laps with Renée of Moto Nation


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